You’re very welcome to Trans* Film Fest Stockholm 2016 in collaboration with ABF Stockholm & with support from Kulturstöd Stockholms stad, RFSL, RFSL Stockholm, RFSL Ungdom, RFSU Stockholm & Majority Design och Kommunikation.

After months of planning, we would like to announce our film programme & share some further information about Trans* Film Fest Stockholm in November.

The 2nd Edition will be slightly different from last year, with the event running from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 November.

With thanks to our generous funders & community supporters, we are very pleased to announce that all of our screenings & events will be free of charge.

Friday 18 November
Biocafé Tellus
A selection of films by & about trans* & gender-diverse people on sex, love, & relationships.

forbidden-cropped2* Forbidden Love, 8 mins, India, 2014, Ashish Sawhny (English subtitles)  The unique & tender love story of young Rohit & Urmi, a dancer & well-known Indian transgender activist.

* Princess of Everyday Life, 9 mins, Germany, 2015, Dan Dansen filmstill-prinzessin-des-alltags-01(English subtitles)  By combining the sensual activity of cooking with a love poem, Dan Dansen gives us an insight into his relationship with his partner, Fabian, aka Heidi.

* Technical Difficulties of Intimacy, 19 mins, USA, 2015, Joel Moffett  Starring well-known queer icon Buck Angel, this film is about a couple who try to salvage their romantic relationship by exploring new sexual horizons.

tom-of-tottenham-1024x791* Trans Guys are Hot, 5 mins, UK, 2012, Tom O’Tottenham & Serge Nicholson  An extended family album shot on location on the streets of London & in queer nightspots.

* Her Story, 55 mins, USA, 2016, Sydney Freeland  A 6-episode mini-series that looks inside the dating lives of trans* & queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire & identity.    *** Content Note: transphobic slurs, misgendering, domestic violence. ***

Tickets are FREE, but registration is REQUIRED.

21.00-01.30 Trans* Film Fest Stockholm OPENING PARTY

Please join us in Melodybox for an evening of singing, dancing & spoken word performances with friends, old & new.

Doors open at 21.00.
Performances start at 22.00 with DJs from 23.00-01.30.


Opening Party FB Event

Tickets are FREE, but registration is REQUIRED.

Saturday 19 November
Bio Rio
A selection of short films by & about trans* & gender-diverse young people, followed by a panel discussion on representation of gender-diverse young people in film.

felix* Felix betyder lycklig, 12 mins, Sweden, 2016, Julian Yderbo (English subtitles)  Felix & the people closest to him must accept the fact that he is transgender.    *** Content Note: transphobic slurs, misgendering, bullying. ***


* Trans i skolan, 8 mins, Sweden, 2016, Eli Hellström Persson & Sandra Tjörnmark  A number of young trans* people share their experiences in education.

tff16-38-05* Raising Owen: A Genderqueer Love Story, 11 mins, USA, 2016, Meg Brown (English subtitles)  A documentary about a parent’s love & acceptance of their genderqueer child, Owen.

* Viktor, 11 mins, USA, 2016, Ann Prim (English subtitles)  Only tff16-33-02grandmother Zoya knows Viktor’s secret & is ultimately the one who speaks truth to the family, at the cost of her own safety.    *** Content note: domestic violence. ***

* Pink Boy, 15 mins, USA, 2015, Eric Rockey  Butch lesbian BJ successfully avoided dresses her entire life until she & her partner Sherrie adopted Jeffrey, who starts to dance in gowns & perform for his parents.

* Nasser, 19 mins, the Netherlands, 2015, Melissa Martens nasser(English subtitles) Thirteen-year-old Dutch-Moroccan Nassira is called ‘Nasser’ by their friends.

Panel Discussion
Representation of Trans* & Gender-Diverse Young People in Film with Yolanda Bohm (RFSL Ungdom), Jon Ely, Eli Hellström Persson, & Christoffer Äledahl.

Tickets are FREE, but registration is REQUIRED.

A selection of films about trans* & gender-diverse pioneers & resisters – a gay trans* man, a movement protesting trans* exclusion, a trans* woman fighting to be treated like any other widow, & a legendary “matriarch” of Cape Verde’s queer community.

lou-intv* We’ve Been Around – Lou Sullivan, 5 mins, USA, 2016, Rhys Ernst  Recounts the life of Lou Sullivan, a pioneering transgender gay man & AIDS activist.img_1867

* We’ve Been Around – Camp TRANS, 6 mins, USA, 2016, Elliot Montague  A movement to protest the trans-exclusionary policy of a women’s music festival in the early 1990s.

robina-392* Flying Solo, 8 mins, USA, 2014, Leslie Von Pless  At 92, Robina Asti, a WWII veteran & pilot, tells her story of living as a transgender woman since 1976 & her fight to be treated like any other widow.

* TCHINDAS, 96 mins, Cape Verde, 2015, Pablo García Pérez de Lara & 03-tchindaMarc Serena (English subtitles)  Within a small, tropical Cape Verdean Island, the beloved Tchinda is hard at work preparing for a Carnival she hopes will capture the town’s imagination.

Tickets are FREE, but registration is REQUIRED.

Sunday 20 November – Trans* Day of Remembrance
Brunch from 11.00-13.00

Bio Rio
13.30-15.30 REMEMBERING
A selection of films to mark Trans* Day of Remembrance – remembering a successful gospel-singing trans* man, the activism of Marsha P. Johnson & Sylvia Rivera, a Homecoming King gone too soon, & the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy.

* In Solidarity – a Message on Transgender Day of Remembrance, 2 mins, Germany, 2016, Pudelskern & Transgender Europe (TGEU) (English subtitles)   *** Content note: references to torture, rape, & murder, transphobic violence & abuse. ***

little-axe-image* We’ve Been Around – Little Axe, 5 mins, USA, 2016, Rhys Ernst  Profiles trans man, Wilmer Broadnax, a popular gospel singer known as Little Axe, & his brother, Willie Broadnax, as they sang their way to success from the 1940s-1970s.

star3* We’ve Been Around – S.T.A.R., 6 mins, USA, 2016, Rhys Ernst  S.T.A.R. tracks the modern transgender rights movement through the activism of Marsha P. Johnson & Sylvia Rivera, participants in the Stonewall Riots of 1969.

brockington_masonsklut2* BrocKINGton, 9 mins, USA, 2014, Sergio Ingato, Mason Sklut & Maggie Sloane  Blake Brockington’s challenges & triumphs in discovering his true self.    *** Content note: transphobic/homophobic slurs, bullying, violence & abuse, self-harm, suicide. *** major

* MAJOR!, 91 mins, USA, 2015, Annalise Ophelian (English subtitles) The life & campaigns of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a formerly incarcerated Black transgender elder & activist fighting for the rights of trans* women of colour for over 40 years.   *** Content note: transphobic violence & abuse,  references to rape & suicide. *** 

Tickets are FREE, but registration is REQUIRED.

We very much look forward to seeing you in November. ♥