14:00 Doors open

14:30 Section 1 – TRANSCENDENCE

16:00 Section 2 – SILENCE AND SWORDS (feature)

18:00 Community dinner

19:00 Section 3 – LOVE, CARE, LUST

20:30 Section 4 – CAMPY

22:00 Doors close

The TRANS ART HOUSE and TRANS DISCOTEQUE sections shown as installations which will be screened on TV:s in the venue throughout the day

April 1st

2 pm – 10 pm⁠

Höjden studios, Östbergatorget 21⁠

0-100 SEK entry fee

In association with ABF Stockholm

Section 1 – TRANSCENDENCE – 14:30-15:30

After So Long // बरसों बाद

Varsha Panikar

United States

Voiced by Simha and their parents to symbolise their connection with each other, “After So Long // बरसों बाद” is a walkabout through time and memories. Set in Mumbai (India), this queer south-Asian short serves as an homage to a family’s roots and delves into themes of identity, belonging and mental-health.

Splish Splash

Frances Arpaia

United States

A transsexual pool party in the Hamptons.

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

Frances Arpaia

United States

Short film about a trans ladies beach day.


Eden Potter


In post-apocalyptic earth, a small creature forages for belongings once loved by humans in search for a peek into their past lives.The creature’s interest is piqued after coming across a long abandoned cellphone once owned by a human named Ash.

Simply a Bone

Daniel Oliver Lee

United States

An experimental personal documentary reflecting on mortality within a transgender body. Filmed on a childhood camera, Daniel Oliver Lee questions the fixation on transgender bodies and death through the discovery of a jaw bone.

For Creation

Deborah Kelly


For Creation is a collaborative collage animation heralding the birth of a queer science fiction climate change religion.

Let’s Go to the Trans Ladies Picnic

Frances Arpaia 

United States

A short film about the trans ladies picnic community in Brooklyn NY.

Spooky NY t4t

Frances Arpaia 

United States

A Body Hack Halloween. 

When I Wallowed in a Bowl of Sunshine

Kukay Zinampan


Two friends, Sunshine and Frena, traverse the pandemic through rumination on mundane things. Segmented into 4 poetic parts, the 14-day quarantine period they experience stretches the boundaries of their self-hood all the while grieving and longing for and with each other.

Section 2 – SILENCE AND SWORDS (feature) – 16:00-18:00

Silence and swords

Malthe Wermuth Saxer


Two young transgender boys on an educational journey into the Nordic wilderness in a film about finding the inner human being – and gender – that one has always been. Real boys skinny-dip, fight with swords and learn to masturbate together. At least that’s what the two young men in ‘Silence and Swords’ imagine the boyhood they feel they were cheated out of. They are transgender, and now, as adults, they have decided to explore male identity formation in Northern Europe’s last wilderness. They have brought along a tent, gas fires and a slightly too clichéd list of all the things they need to experience on an educational journey that turns out to put their loving friendship to the test – and forces them into a modern existential battle in the middle of the nature they have otherwise always felt betrayed by.

Section 3 – LOVE, CARE, LUST – 19:00-20:00

Thodi Si Khushi (A Bit of Happiness)

Ashish Madurwar


Thodi Si Khushi (A Bit of Happiness) is a short film which shows a transgender person as a home running person in a typical Indian Patriarchal family system. The film also comments that every person in this world is incomplete and needs a loving and caring partner to be complete. The film also avoids the taboo around a relationship with a transgender person.  Another important thing it tries to do is, it avoids orthodox representation of transgender persons in Indian films and tries to redefine normalcy by showing the relationship, occupation and living of a transgender person in a very casual and undramatic way. 


Augusto Revello Morales


Abdiel is a young adult that just moved to a new place. While going for a run early in the morning, he’s surprised by some of the local men.

The Aquarium

Fatemeh Askarpou


All human beings seek freedom. Being free to choose love, being free to make social choices, and even being free to choose their identity. Traditional societies react to anything that is unconventional. One of these issues is gender. Traditional societies do not understand the difference between gender and identity and must be culturally educated to understand this difference. If they do not realize this difference, they will treat transgender people with contempt and make them more depressed and isolated day by day. In the short film “Aquarium”, we see two trans people who did not get a chance to fall in love. They meet at work and fall in love. But they are forced not to express their love so that others do not notice. They get together to meet in a hotel to express their true identities, away from all the humiliating judgments and looks of the people. But can they swim freely in this aquarium ?!

Snack Time

Cristal Alba

United states

‘Snack Time’’ is a mota-haze journey through a lovers tranz narrated by Chicago based multimedia artist, AmeThyzt. This erotic short is the second episode of the ongoing series, All You Can Eat, a collaborative film series project between House of Huitlacooch and Sarita’s Pleasure Pie Shop. This series highlights the diversity of ways that food, land and sex connect us to community and collective healing.

T4T Love

Willow Ash Psaltopoulos


Sol, a transmaculine person has been through a hard time due to their mental health. He decides to meet his friend, Loé. Both of them realize how important t4t relationships are. 

Between Us

Cailleah Scott-Grimes


Kei is a trans man who longs for a “normal” life in his rural Japanese hometown, but his Canadian partner pushes for them to move to Tokyo, where they can live openly and freely. When Kei abandons his job interview to help a stranger, the couple is finally forced to confront their divergent notions of belonging.

Section 4 – CAMPY – 20:30-21:30


Pierro Mombellet

United Kingdom

Toy and Novah are about to break up and move apart, all brought on by Toy’s crush on human estate agent Adele, but is she cis ?

Amor By Night

Henrique Arruda


Starring the first trans lady of Teatro Pernambucano, in her film debut, after 40 years of career, Amor by Night narrates the day to day of a space announcer in the near future where love will be frequency

Bros Before

Henry Hanson

United States

Elijah and Billy are two trans bros who just happen to enjoy jerking off together — in a straight way! But when Billy starts dating a woman, Elijah must come to terms with his feelings for Billy and his own burgeoning homosexuality. Raunchy, campy, and heartfelt, “Bros Before” is a second puberty coming-of-age story saturated with sex, drugs, and hyperpop.

Section – TRANS DISCOTEQUE (all day)

“Dirty Secrets” Tony & the Kiki

Zee Chang

United States

In this sensual, delightfully deranged music video starring Tony & the Kiki, Tony takes advantage of their long awaited privacy and lets all their dirty secrets sift to the surface.



Adam Bandrowski

United States

This film is about my life since starting testosterone, the joy and comfort I have felt since then. It is made entirely on fabric, which I have sewn into a quilt.


Camila Djadja & Malou Mallerin / Sugar Pills (band)


Katy can’t wait for the prom ball to approach Hunter, with whom she is in love. At night, when she’s not writing in her diary, she imagines a world that seems to her, populated by her favorite monsters. There, she would walk into the prom ball in her long pink dress, more beautiful than ever. She would find Hunter smiling at her and asking her to dance. They would be named queens, cheered by the crowd, and kissed on the stage. Oh, if only that could happen… !

Palabra segura

Von Dippel – Safe Word (Palabra Segura)


“Safe Word” (Palabra Segura is a music video inspired by BDSM, which artistically shows us characteristics of the erotic practices of Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism.

Blink Twice

Emily-Mae Lewis and Timo Zell / Spoon and the Forkestra (band)


With their song Blink Twice, the german indie rock duo Spoon and the Forkestra released an emotional song and music video, that carry us through the personal stories of lead singer and lyricist Emily-Mae Lewis and their own troubles with dissociation and dysphoria. Much alike the song’s lyrics, the music video manages to visually portray the feeling of dissociation. Contrasting storytelling – the steadily speed increasing editing style, the dichotomy between darkness and obnoxiously bright colors and the feeling of losing the grip on the protagonist – lets the video slowly unfold into an artful portrayal of a panic attack and visualizes the chaotic calmness of Spoon and the Forkestra’s sound.

The Anita Mann Case

Lana Connors


A man finds himself ruminating over the transgressive intimacies of a past relationship. This film is for anyone who can’t move on.

Toño Chouza


Today we all live on the periphery of ourselves. Where does our life really take place? Is it here, where our body is, or there, on the digital peripherals?


Juriji Der Klee’s XIXI – directed by Gsus Lopez

United Kingdom

This film is the first collaboration between Juriji Der Klee and Gsus Lopez where they merge their stylish cinematic influences with high drama theatrics and a dash of camp. XIXI is the official music video for the eponymous single by Juriji Der Klee; guest-starring Choriza May, Richard Pye and Sonora.

Travesti’s Force of Lament



Being a trans and transvestite body in Brazil is an act of daily resistance, being alive and allowing yourself to dream is necessary. In a futuristic hinterland where a group of cangaceira transvestites create their own stronghold. From clay they create their bodies-territories, evoke their ancestry from the force of fire, celebrate their existence and dream.

The Anita Mann Case

Lana Connors


A man finds himself ruminating over the transgressive intimacies of a past relationship. This film is for anyone who can’t move on.

Section – TRANS ART HOUSE (all day)



United States

Vivir is a short experimental film that explores the thresholds of change and becoming of age, it is a celebration of absolute awareness of all identities with themes of acceptance, gratitude and grace

Waiting for The Buff to Rub Me Out

Mark Lyken & Allana James

A fictionalised portrait film that captures the rituals and obstacles that Shadow, a Scottish trans femme Graffiti Writer, experience in the making of her Wildstyle graffiti.


Adi Shahar

In each of us there are different archetypes from the world of tarot cards. The film presents a journey of a man/woman/non binary as they confronts thirmself through these archetypes.


Elian Mikkola

The filmmaker sets their trans masculinity into a dialog with an old VHS tape. War games and masculinity rituals slowly merge in this newly formed space of distortion and improvised video processing.

Ilás de Oxalá (Hope)

Henrique Filho, Edson Bastos

Drawing parallels between Afro-Brazilian religions and LGBTQIA+ resistance in the Favelas (slums), “Ilás de Oxalá” (HOPE) is a powerful and poetic prayer for bodies stigmatised and violated by a patriarchal and racist society starred by queer artist Paulo Fraval and trans activist Alana Carvalho. 

Virtual G I R L

Connie Glachan

Aqua Venus provides a personalized fever dream to help YOU discover what being a woman means!