We are Trans Fest Stockholm.  We are an organisation for and by trans, gender diverse people and our allies. We aspire to a create positive, inclusive and empowering celebration of trans and gender diverse culture and community.

Trans Fest Stockholm (then called Trans Film Fest Stockholm) was founded by a small group of people based in Stockholm, Sweden who came together to create a one-day film festival marking Trans Day of Remembrance in November 2015.

Our goal was to create a free trans community film festival that would be a positive, empowering safer space for trans and gender-diverse people and our allies. Since then, our plans and ambitions have grown and we have branched out into different community events and activities for our local trans community.

We host three major community events each year – Trans Film Fest Stockholm in November to celebrate Trans Day of remembrance, Trans Culture festival marking Trans Day of Visibility in March and Transfesten during Stockholm Pride in late July/early August. We also host brunches, picnics, mingles, workshops and more!.

It is our hope to collaborate with many different groups and organisations to create positive, inclusive & empowering celebrations of trans and gender-diverse visibility, culture and community.

Thank you for your continued support.

Trans Fest Stockholm




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