TFS 2017 Programme (English)

Trans Fest Stockholm 2017 is the 2nd edition of Sweden’s only trans community & cultural festival, marking Trans Day of Visibility on 31 March. Together with you, we hope to create an interesting and engaging cultural event that reflects our diverse experiences, providing a variety of social spaces to encourage activism and the empowerment of trans communities.

Venues and Accessibility

Wetterling Gallery (Kungsträdgården 3) is not an accessible venue but we hope to have a ramp available. Check facebook event or for updates. Alcohol-free event.

Nalen klubb (David Bagares gata 15) is not an accessible venue, but it is possible to enter with a wheelchair with some help over a threshold. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet in an adjacent room. Alcohol will be sold.

ABF Stockholm (Svevaägen 41) is a fully accessible venue. Alcohol-free event.

CCAP (Körsbärsvägen 9 nb) is a fully accessible venue. Alcohol-free event.

Femtopia (Hornsgatan 149) has a wheelchair accessible entrance, but the toilet is not accessible. Alcohol-free event.


EXHIBITION  //  THE TRANS LIST  //  Wetterling Gallery  //  18:00-20:00

THE TRANS LIST by Timothy Greenfield includes 11 striking portraits of transgender Americans and also a documentary film produced for HBO. The individuals portrayed share their insights on trans rights, the fight for equality, and their personal struggles and accomplishments.


Club FREAQUENCY  //  Nalen Klubb  //  21:00-02:00

Club FREAQUENCY will kick off this year’s Community and Cultural festival with an epic BAM.

Performances and dance floor madness!

Free entrance, but you must book a ticket in advance:

Cloakroom 20 kr  //  Age 18 +


DJ I will always love you 21:00-21:20

Welcomes you with hits str8 from the hearT.


21:20-21:35  Queerstion Magazine Release  Queerstion Magazine is a virtual storytelling and community building platform, primarily focusing on Transdiverse people in Sub-Saharan Africa and Transdiverse people of colour in Sweden. Queerstion also works with Transdiverse refugees, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, LGB community cadres, Trans groups in Sweden as well as Trans allies, families and friends.

21:40-22:00  Emil Sollerman and Kristian Nelson  Emil and Kristian, two trans-masculine people, will perform three songs that Emil has written and plays, which Kristian will interpret in Swedish Sign Language. The songs – sometimes funny and sometimes sad – all have something to do with being trans.

22:05-22:25  Leo Correia de Verdier  Leo plays electronic music on their sewing machine and stitches superimposed rhythms, gentle vamps and a few melodies.

22:30-22:55  Drag Matters – A stage discussion about drag, identity and politics  (Stage panel, English)  Can drag change how we create identity and gender? Join our discussion about drag as a political tool to understand how power structures are constructed, and how drag can become an act of liberation and self-understanding. Participants: Svante Helmbaek Tirén, Agnes Grefberg Braunerhielm, and more.

23:00-23:15  FIFI  A passionate artist and human rights activist who always stands up for what’s right. Here at Trans Fest Stockholm to give you the chills and awaken your emotions all over again.

23:15-23:30  Mabellina Cliché  Mabellina Cliché offers anything you want… plus some poetry.


23:30-00:00  DJ Hormony  Plays your favorite Drag Radio Hits!

00:00-01:00  DJ Blaq Opal  Takes you back to the Continent and makes you SWEAT. Comfy shoes or none at all as you travel through dancehall, hiphop, afro beat and RnB.

01:00-02:00  DJ Genderless  Beat masher, moon bathon, bass, arabic fever, cumbia soul & dancehall.


COMMUNITY SPACE  //  ABF  //  11:00-15:00

T-bonds (Transgender Bonds) a Photo and Voice exhibition by Miles Rutendo Tanhira.

Make Equal Stories wants more voices to be heard to get the opportunity to learn about discrimination and alienation. To understand and make change. Info table.

Nilleteatern – Center for queer performance tells us about their work for trans people within the performing arts. Info table.

Crafty corner Come and make some crafts!

WORKSHOPS & TALKS  //  ABF  //  11:30-15:45

11:30-12:45  Transaktivism då och nu – ett samtal kring strategier & aktivism i olika tider och sammanhang (Talk, Swedish)  Trans Fest Stockholm 2017 received a lot of proposals dealing with questions of trans activism and trans history. As organisers, we decided to gather some people to talk about these issues, as a way of bringing together parts of our history. Participants: Maria Sundin, Lukas Romson, Linda E, Mia Mulder, Tine Alavi, Zafire Vrba, Andi Jonsson and Alex Fridunger.

12:00-13:30  Giving back to activism (Workshop, English)  How can trans studies better reflect the realities of the people it seeks to represent? This workshop will be a space for dialogue between trans activists and trans scholars, in a quest to explore how both grassroots perspectives as well as academia can inform and empower each other in the movement to destabilise gender norms. Everyone can join, regardless of prior experience with academia. Participants: France Rose Hartline, Max van Midde, Luca Tainio and Anna K. Jorgensen.

13:00-13:45  Transaktivism – en kollektiv process (Talk, Swedish)  Trans activism – a collective process. Where is our history? Let’s talk about how we together can write history.  Participants: El Häkkinen and Mio da Costa Alves.

14:00-15:45  Community Forum with the Swedish government investigation on the rights and experiences of trans people (Forum, Swedish/English)  Is it possible for trans people in Sweden to live in accordance with their gender identity? What is the situation for trans people in the labour market? How does access to healthcare work? How is the situation for non-binary people? These are some of the questions that a public investigation initiated by the government is trying to answer. During this workshop, we want to hear from you. Share your experiences, thoughts and ideas with the investigator, Ulrika Westerlund. We will facilitate an English-speaking part of the forum. Participants: Ulrika Westerlund and Jonah Akleye.

FESTIVAL EXTRAVAGANZA  //  CCAP  //  17:00-00:00

17:00-18:30  Death Cafe (Talk, English/Swedish)  Death Cafe is a possibility to talk about death openly and safely. Tea and cake is offered. Participant: Zafire Vrba.

17:00-20:00  Performance (Workshop, Swedish)  Nille theatre – center for queer performance art.  Together we talk about how trans experiences can be portrayed and expressed through performance art. Together we create a performance piece that we will perform on Sunday of the festival as a finale. No previous experience needed.

18:00-21:00  Make up Corner  Come and get your makeup done by Ward and Esra!

20:00-21:00  Workshop – Drag Yourself! (Workshop, English)  Welcome to our fabulous Drag Workshop! A team of dedicated drag queens, kings and queers will show how contour, lashes, wigs and sassiness can help you explore new identities. Through a live tutorial, we go through the basics of drag makeup but also talk about the power of drag to fight prejudice and normativity. Participants: Svante Holmbaek Tirén and others.

20:00-21:00  Open Stage  Take your place on the open stage with whatever you like to entertain the audience with.

21:00-21:15  “Alltså nu har jag suttit och kollat på dig hela kvällen och kan inte placera dig” (Audio art, Swedish) An audio art piece by Zafire Vrba based on materials from the verbal self defence project, SVAR PÅ TAL.

21:30-22:00  NEW MALE PRIVILEGE  (Performance)  New Male Privilege is the first openly trans, vegan, politically emotional post-boyband in Copenhagen. Their lyrics are about being trans in a cisgender world. Words like “love” and “heartache” are replaced with words like “pronouns”, “hormones”, “surgery”, “identity” and “anger”. Their incredible songs, outfits and dance moves make people scream, cry, laugh and faint.

22:00-00:30  //  FILM SCREENING

22:00-23:00  Exquisite Gender: Transgender and Intersex people in Africa (Film, English)  A collection of powerful digital stories by African Trans and intersex people from 7 countries. Presented at Trans Fest Stockholm by Queerstion.

23:00-00:30  “VEM SKA KNULLA PAPPA?” (Film, Swedish with English subtitles)  A film by Antiffa Vänsterfitta. A plunge into the collective subconscious where the man’s stinking corpse disintegrates into nutritious soil from which we are born and rise with a new feminine thinking and unsuspecting perversions. Pretty dirty.


11:00-13:00  //  FESTIVAL BRUNCH  //  Femtopia, Hornstull

Join us at the traditional trans brunch and fika at café FEMTOPIA.

WORKSHOPS & TALKS  //  CCAP  //  11:00-16:00

11:00-16:00 Crafty Corner, Make up Corner & Social Space

11:00-12:45  Snack om sex – workshop om sex för dig som är trans (Workshop, Swedish)  A trans-separatist workshop about sex. Focus is on lust, bodies in transition, communication, sexual practices and limits. Max 15 people. Participant: Valentin Öckinger

12:30-13:45  Feeling comfortable in your skin (Movement workshop, English)  Abandon chairs, shoes and words. Feel your feet on the ground. Open your heart. Meet yourself and each other using body language, easy movement, and acting games. Explore tender, subtle movements or big, expressive ones. Let go of who you believe yourself to be: get closer to who you really are. Whatever age, physical condition or experience, come and play. Participant: Kevin Holmström Bradshaw.

13:00-13:45  Satan som allierad med den ickekonformistiska transpolitiken (Lecture, Swedish)  How can a trans person draw support from Satan in their existence and activism? Participant: Djuna Jungmyr.

14:00-14:45  Cosplay & Trans (Lecture, Swedish)  En föreläsning om kopplingen mellan könsöverskridande identiteter och cosplay. Robin Aronsson, utbildad normkritisk sexualupplysare inom RFSU, gymnasielärare och f.d. likabehandlingsansvarig på populärkulturfestivalen NärCon ger en grundkurs i vad cosplay är och vad det här med att klä ut sig till fiktiva karaktärer med transidentiteter att göra. Participant: Robin Aronsson.

14:00-14:45  We are seeds (Talk show, English)  Like the proverbial seeds, black trans men are refusing to be buried and continue to resist various barriers threatening our existence and visibility. The talk show will explore experiences of black trans men, reconstruction of masculinities and resistance to racist expectations of black manhood. Using a feminist lens, we will also question the issue of black trans male privilege. Participants: Samuel Girma, Silva Eiseb Söderstrand, Perry Warner and Andi Jonsson.

15:00-15:45  Berättar- och lösnings-verkstad med Make Equal Stories (Workshop, Swedish)  Make Equal Stories är ett projekt handlar om att samla in berättelser om diskriminering och utanförskap. På lördag 1 april i samarbete med Trans Fest Stockholm kommer projektet nu fokusera på lösningar. Hur kan vi använda berättelserna för att ta fram lösningar och inte bara se problemen? Vi kallar det för en berättar- och lösnings-verkstad där det kommer diskuteras lösningar kopplade till specifika berättelser, men även lösningar till allmänna frågor som berör många transpersoner, t.ex. binära toaletter och binära omklädningsrum. Medverkande Jon Ely och Mikaela Wei.

15:45-16:00  FINAL PERFORMANCE (Performance, Swedish/English)  The creative result from Saturday’s performance workshop brings an end to this year’s festival. Participants: Nilleteatern – centrum för queer scenkonst and workshop participants.


This is a free festival organised for trans people and our allies thanks to the generous support of a number of organisations. A huge thank you to all of our attendees, workshop leaders, performers, DJs, volunteers, venues, supporters & partners – this would not be possible without you! ❤

If you would like to support our work or future community events, you are very welcome to make a donation. A SWISH number will be available at the festival events. You are also very welcome to get in touch with us if you have any questions, suggestions or would like to get involved! – we would love to hear from you.