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Join us for a festival weekend to celebrate, remember, and cherish Trans lives.
This festival will be both physical and digital. Attend the Facebook event to stay updated when we release more info.
If you have any questions or want to get involved, email
Varmt välkomna till en helgfestival för att fira och minnas transpersoners liv.
Denna festival kommer att ske både fysiskt och digitalt. Attenda Facebook-eventet för att få uppdateringar om vad vi planerar.
Om du har några frågor eller vill vara med och arrangera så maila

Facebook-event for the whole festival // för hela festivalen:

Full programme/Hela programmet


Join us for engaging workshops and interesting screenings, nice food, music performance, marking of TDoR and much more! During the weekend we will meet up at the fantastic venue Höjden (Östbergatorget 21, 125 73 Älvsjö) and online to create a space to enjoy the resilience and creativity of our community.
The whole festival is an alcohol-free event. If you would like to support our work & future community events, you are very welcome to make a donation! SWISH: 123 087 6417
Vi har fantastiska workshops och filmvisning, god mat, musikuppträdande, TDoR och mycker mer! Under helgen kommer vi träffas i den fantastiska lokalen Höjden (Östbergatorget 21, 125 73 Älvsjö) och online för att skapa rum för motstånd och kreativitet i vårt community.
Hela festivalen är ett alkoholfritt event. Om du vill stödja vårt arbete och framtida community events får du gärna donera en slant! SWISH: 123 087 6417  

SATURDAY/LÖRDAG 20 november kl. 11:00 – 00:00 at Höjden and online

11:00-11:45Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin (Workshop, ENG)
11:30Doors open
12:00-13:30Queering Circuits (Bending) 1.1
(Workshop, ENG)
13:45-14:45Finding/Misplacing your voice (Workshop, ENG)
15:00-16:00Film screening:
These Thems (mini-series, ENG)
16:00-16:45Drawing (Workshop, SWE)
17:00-18:00A musical creation by Symon Henry (Performance, FR with English subtitles)
18:00-19:00Fire Fakirism for Beginners (Workshop, ENG/SWE)
19:00-20:00REM BODY (concert)
20:00-21:30Marking of TDoR (ENG/SWE)20:00-21:30Marking of TDoR (ENG/SWE)
22:00-00:00Mariconas open stage (SWE)
For more information about all workshops, performances and events, see below!

Throughout the day we will have Trans Radio UK in our online stream when we do not have our own programming.

11:00-11:45 (online) Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin (workshop, ENG)

An easy, playful session using body language and acting games, for people of any age, physical condition, or experience to come and PLAY.
Meet your body, yourself, and other people’s bodies in new ways. Let go of who you believe yourself to be, and move closer to who you really are.

With: Kay Bradshaw (she/her) – actor, director, drama teacher and acting coach.

11:30 (in venue) Doors open

DOORS OPEN come and have a coffee and hang out before the first workshops in the venue start.
Vi öppnar vid 11:30, kom och ta en fika och umgås en kort stund innan första programpunkten i lokalen drar igång!

12:00-13:30 (in venue) Queering Circuits (Bending) 1.1 (workshop, ENG)

CIRCUIT BENDING is the technical manipulation of low voltage devices to create musical instruments or experimental sound generators. With free style and random bases. NOISE makers!
The technique consists of connecting and modifying various electronic components in a device to remount them to sound experiments. The term Circuit Bending was coined by Reed Ghazala in the 60s, one of the pioneers of this technology. Sure there were more who did the same, but not named ….
The workshop consists of a shorter theoretical review of what Circuit Bending is and the materials needed and a practical exercise. Each participant must bring with them a battery-powered toy that emits at least a few sounds and can be disassembled. Basic intervention on the toy or keyboard.- 1 Audio jack and 1 effect.

With: Gerald Lombano, Dgeral (they/them) – queer feminist DJ and producer
Instagram: @dgeral_official ✮

13:45-14:45 (online) Finding/Misplacing Your Voice (workshop, ENG)

In this session, composer Rufus Isabel Elliot (it/its) and director Livi Dunlop (they/them) will lead us to explore our voices. We will particularly focus on our own speaking voices – what do they feel like, physically and emotionally, as well as what they sound like – and use this as a jumping-off point for creative, vocal responses.
No previous musical or theatrical experience necessary!

With: Rufus Isabel Elliot (it/its) – composer & Livi Dunlop (they/them) – director

15:00-16:00 (in venue) Film-screening: THESE THEMS (ENG)

Screening of 5 episodes of the Queer comedy series These Thems:

A newly out lesbian making up for lost time. A nonbinary educator learning to train the straights. A transman navigating life in the corporate world. A gay guy looking for love and messing it up. 4 queer friends. Set in NYC.

16:00-16:45 (in venue) Drawing (workshop, SWE)

Drawing workshop with Ruhani, more info soon!

17:00-18:00 (online) A musical creation by Symon Henry (performance, French with subtitles in English)

With: Symon Henry (they/them) – visual artist and poet
Instagram: @symon_henry ✮ Facebook: @symon.henry ✮

18:00-19:00 (in venue) Fire Fakirism for Beginners / Fakir & Eld 101 (workshop, ENG/SWE)

Ever dreamt of running away with the circus? Here’s your chance! Or at least a chance to learn some skills that will be of use if you do. Come learn the basics of fire eating, fakirism, poi, staff and juggling, and of course the essentials of fire safety and knowledge of the tools of the trade. Workshop leader Yolanda has a decade worth of experience of getting paid for setting herself and things ablaze and living to tell the tale.
Note: If you plan on attending this workshop wear clothes made of nature materials like cotton, and bring a change of clothes for afterwards. This because nature materials are more resistant to fire than synthetics.
Drömmer du om en värld i lågor och revolutionen? Eller om att fly med en cirkus och sluka eld inför folkhavet? Eller kanske mest om Avatar och Fire Bending? Oavsett vilken kan du få lära dig grunderna i fakir och eldslukning samt i eldsäkerhet och bränslekunskap med den erfarna eldartisten Yolanda Bohm. Ingen garanti för revolution eller fire bending utlovas. Välkommen!
Observera: ta gärna med en överdel i bomull, typ gammal t-shirt, då bomull och andra naturmaterial är mer eldresistent än syntetiska material.

With/med: Yolanda Aurora Bohm Ramirez
Instagram: @molotovcocktaildress

19:00-20:00 (in venue) REM BODY (concert) (ENG)

”I´m just like a marshmallow – sweet and soft”

REMBODY is tangible electronic indie, merging collected sounds, synthetic landscapes, acoustic guitar, and emotive vocals.
REMBODY is an emotional archaeological journey, a search for something to hold our wounds, a longing for queer sore voices to be caressed, an evoking of resistance and community. 
REMBODY aka Silas Lilo is a queer trans musician and songwriter, who also plays and sings in the indie folk band Junk River.


20:00-21:30 (in venue and online) Marking of Trans Day of Remembrance (SWE/ENG)

During Trans Day of Remembrance we will mourn those we’ve lost but also gather strength for our coming struggles. More information soon!

CW: The names of people who have passed away during the year due to transphobic violence will be read out. This will be announce this from the stage before it is done.

22:00-00:00 (in venue) Mariconas open stage (SWE)

Open stage hosted by Yoalnda Bohm Ramirez and Paloma Halén Román. Sign-up for the open stage at the venue. During this evening the stage will be Trans separatist.
Open stage med Yoalnda Bohm Ramirez och Paloma Halén Román. Skriv upp dig om du vill göra någpt på den öppna scenen på plats. Under denna kväll kommer scenen vara transseparatistisk.

★ ☆ ✮ ⚧ ★ ☆ ✮

SUNDAY/SÖNDAG 21 november kl. 10:00 – 16:00 at Höjden and online

10:00-10:45Portraits of People (screening, ENG)
10:30Doors open
11:00-12:00Community brunch11:00-12:00Self-defense (Workshop. ENG)
12:00-13:00Brunch cont. +
Portrait of People (screening, ENG)
13:00-14:15Panel: organisering för/av transpersoner (SWE)
14:15-15:00Skriv tills pennan glöder (Workshop, SWE)
15:00-16:00Gender affirming voice work:
Group Singing (Workshop, ENG)
For more information about all workshops, panels and events, see below!

Throughout the day we will have Trans Radio UK in our online stream when we do not have our own programming.

10:00-10:45 (online) Screening: Portraits of People (ENG)

Portraits and voices of Trans people.

11:00-12:00 (online) Self-defense (workshop, ENG)

Good things to know before the workshop
-This workshop can be triggering for some. Please make sure you are in a safe environment and let us know how we can help you if you are feeling triggered.
-It is really good if you can have a training partner with you. Please make sure this is a person you feel safe with.
-If you have striking or focus pads that is great, if not a lounge cushion will also work.
-Have comfortable flexible clothes on and some water handy.

This workshop is interactive and we encourage you to share your stories if you feel comfortable doing so. Your story may help someone in the room recognise red flag behaviour or even recover from their own trauma. We will be running through the 4 basic movements that we feel are essential for self defense:
-Palm heel
-Stomping kick
And we will be talking about ‘red flag’ behaviour – with the intention that we can learn to recognise the lead up to violence so that we can hopefully avoid it. It is also important to understand that if you have been a victim of violence that whatever decisions you made at the time were the right ones, because you are here today, and, that when we are in a self defense situation survival is the primary goal.
Please feel free to contact us (jo[at] with any questions or queries you may have before or after the workshop.

With: Jo Hall (they/them) – self-defense instructor 

11:00-13:00 (in venue) Festival Brunch 

Join us for a community brunch, there will be vegan waffles, hummus sandwiches and lots of fruit! At 12:00 there will be an in-venue screening of Portrait of People.
Dags för festivalbrunch, det kommer finnas veganska våfflor, hummus smörgåsar och en massa frukt! Kl. 12:00 visas Portrait of People i lokalen.

13:00-14:15 (in venue) Panelsamtal: organisering för/av transpersoner (SWE)

Hur en engagerar sig som individ och hur organisationer kan hjälpas åt. Ett samtal med deltagare från Indra – Queer, trans och tjejjour, Patientförening för transpersoner, Transsammans Stockholm m.fl.

14:15-15:00 (in venue) Skriv tills pennan glöder (workshop, SWE)

En skrivworkshop med uppvärmningsövningar för att få igång ett skrivflöde. Du behöver inte ha skrivvana sedan tidigare och du behöver inte visa eller läsa upp din text om du inte vill.

Med: Sebastian Lönnlöv (han/he) – bibliotekarie och författare
Instagram: @tekoppstankar ✮

15:00-16:00 (online) Gender affirming voice work: Group Singing (workshop, ENG)

A singing workshop exploring various approaches to singing and sound, lead by musician Rylan Gleave. No previous experience or any practice required! We’ll warm up our voices, try some exercises, and talk about our sense of voice.

With: Rylan Gleave (he/him) – musician
Twitter: @GleaveRylan ✮ Instagram: @rylangleave ✮ Facebook: @rylangleavecomposer

★ ☆ ✮ ⚧ ★ ☆ ✮

If you would like to support our work & future community events, you are very welcome to make a donation!
SWISH: 123 087 6417

Questions, suggestions, requests for translations or something else, email us at:

This festival is organised in collaboration with ABF Stockholm.

We look forward to see you at the festival! ♥


Om du vill stödja vårt arbete och framtida community events får du gärna donera en slant!
SWISH: 123 087 6417

Frågor, funderingar, hjälp med översättning eller något annat, maila oss på:

Festivalen anordnas i samarbete med ABF Stockholm.

Vi ser fram emot att ses på festivalen! ♥