Panel Discussion

A Conversation on Trans* Representation in Film with Tine Alavi, Saga Becker, Wibke Straube & Miles Rutendo Tanhira

Tine Alavi is the director for BlatteQueers i film, a short film project working with young, queer people of colour in Sweden addressing central themes related to gender identity, sexuality and racism.

Saga Becker is 26, an actress, multi-artist and activist, and the first transgender person to win a Guldbagge Award for Best Female Performance in “Nånting måste gå sönder”.

Wibke Straube is a gender studies scholar and transfeminist activist based in Berlin (D) and Karlstad (SE), working at the Centre for Gender Research at Karlstad University. Wibke’s research focuses on gender dissidence in visual cultures. When not teaching, writing or organising conferences, Wibke likes to garden, look out for upcoming trans movies, or visit queer art exhibitions.

Miles Rutendo Tanhira is the director of (In)Visible, as well as being a journalist, feminist, blogger, human rights defender and LGBTI rights activist.

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