For our next event marking Trans* Day of Visibility (31 March), we’re creating a trans* cultural festival in Stockholm & we want you to join us!

Here’s the plan so far (while we apply for funding)…

* Thursday 31 March – evening film screening or social event?

* Friday 1 April – evening film screening &/or social event?

* Saturday 2 April – talks, workshops, discussion spaces, exhibitions, art, photography (10am-4pm ABF Stockholm)

Performances & Party (9pm-2am)

* Sunday 3 April – social event?


Our Call to the Community

Are you an activist, artist, or performer who would like to participate & contribute to this trans* community event? Would you like to lead a workshop or facilitate a space to discuss trans*-related things? We hope to offer a wide range of interesting sessions for all ages – anything & everything that you would like to see: academic, acting, activism, art, community, intersectionality, language, parenting, poetry, politics, rights, safer spaces, sci-fi, sex, solidarity, support, wishes…


Please send us a brief proposal with the following information:

• Name of the presenter(s)/performer(s)
• Workshop/session/performance title (language: English &/or Swedish?)
• Workshop description & theme
• Estimated workshop length (60 mins or 90 mins)
• Materials needed (Projector/ Computer/ Internet/ Sound/ Flipchart/ Other: Please specify)
• Other relevant information

If you are a singer, musician, performer, or DJ, & you would like to contribute, please send us a brief description of your performance/music.

Although we cannot guarantee that your suggestion, workshop or performance will be accepted or that there will be any payment, we’re looking for actions & activities that reflect, empower, & support our diverse community.


Deadline for proposals (in English &/or Swedish) is 5pm on 14 Feb 2016.

Please send your suggestions to

We hope to see you at TRANS* FEST STOCKHOLM!

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