Trans Day of Visibility mini film festival 2020

round tom

Tom of Tottenham
Trans Fest Stockholm collective

Feeling sad that we cancelled our Spring Culture festival, it felt important to do something. The Trans Fest collective gave me the space to put together a programme of films from previous editions of our Autumn film festival, all of which are available on line.  Submissions for our Autumn Film Festival are now open, we’re looking forward to seeing your films. In the meantime, here is full programme we shared earlier this week, enjoy the Trans fest magic!

“Miss Major talks Trans Day of Visibility, from her sofa at home… ” (2mins)
Wise words from the incredible Miss Major, a great film to share with our non-Trans friends and allies. (English with English Subtitles). Miss Major Griffin-Gracy & family, 2019

“How To Make A Rainbow” (19 mins)
Over two formative years, a young girl and her mother journey through the joy and struggle of a parent in transition. (In English, with partial English subtitles)
Ryan Maxey (@maxeyfish) 2019

“Love letter to Isak, Liam, Wissam, Ilon, Suma, Elize, Maksim, Saga, Benjamin, Jija, Jan Elisabeth, Birk, Anja and to you.” (12 mins)
Artist Sam Hultin interviewed people who are in love with transgender and non-binary people. The text that is read in the film is a collage of everyone’s stories and a love letter to all of us. (Swedish with English Subtitles). Sam Hultin 2018

“Josie and Poppy” (5 mins)
11 year old trans girl (Poppy) chats with 70 year old trans woman (Josie), and they compare their experiences of being trans. There were very few dry eyes in the house after we screened this in November, so tissues ready for this lovely conversation. (English with English subtitles). My Genderation 2018

“Tailor” (10 mins)
A lovely film brought to our 2019 film festival by our friends at TransFormations, Trans Film Festival Berlin. Tailor tells the story of Orlando Tailor, a transgender cartoonist who shares on his website the experiences of other trans people and their challenges within society. (Portuguese with English Subtitles). Calí dos Anjos 2019

“Home by Charlie Peck – a tribute to the transgender community” (4 mins)
This had the crowd singing along at our festival launch in 2018.
“I duet with myself where one voice is recorded my first day on testosterone treatment (16th of May 2016) and the second voice 9 months later (16th of February 2017).”
Charlie Peck, Sweden 2017. (English, no subtitles)

“My Intersex Story’ (4mins)
Sharing the voices and stories of Intersex activists, this video was created during OII Europe’s Second Intersex Community Event and Conference in Copenhagen in February 2018. (English with English subtitles)

“Black Is Me” (4mins)
The theme of our last film festival was how we manifest communities and it was wonderful to be joined by our friends from TransFormationsTrans Film Festival Berlin. This film was also included in their thoughtful and moving selection. Elliot Blue 2018.

“Muxes” (10 mins)
In the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, in the indigenous communities around the town of Juchitán, the world is not divided simply into males & females. The local Zapotec people have made room for a third category “Muxes”. (Spanish with English subtitles)
Ivan Olita 2017

“Leitis In Waiting” (56m)
A feature documentary about an intrepid group of transgender women rising to reclaim their righteous place in Tonga. (In English and Tongan with English subtitles available)

Joey dancing- Leitis in Waiting-min