Trans culture pop up weekend – schedule

The SCHEDULE is here!

Check out all the amazing activities over the weekend during the Trans culture pop-up, March 27-28. More details on the schedule will continuously be added below.

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SWISH: 123 087 6417 (Swedish phone number required)

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We start the Trans culture weekend pop-up with some amazing workshops! Do not miss the brunch hang-out time before the first workshop starts.

10:30-11:00 /11:30-12:00 Hang-out brunch time

11:00-11:45 /12:00-12:45 Movement workshop (ENG)
Kay is an actor, director, and acting coach who has had a lifelong fascination with the body, self image, relationships, entertainment, and communication. She combines cooperative games, acting exercises, movement-meditation and breath-work, and offers ways for people to fall back in love with their physical self and with each other. She calls her movement classes: Body Talk.

12:00-12:45 /13:00-13:45 Tarot workshop (ENG)
Cara Hamilton, mindreader & psychic entertainer, newspaper columnist and novelist will introduce us to some of the mysteries of the Tarot cards.

Photo of Kay by Kay
Photo of Cara by Angelika


We will continue the Saturday activities with a poetry afternoon and ending the day with a film screening in the evening. Then, do not forget that the clocks change between Saturday and Sunday!

14:00-14:30 /15:00-15:30 Dream siblings curated poetry block (SWE)

Drömsyskon har satt ihop ett program med poesi, kom och njut!

Drömsyskon är ett zine för och av transpersoner av alla kön och icke-kön, det är våra berättelser och erfarenheter och en plattform för kollektiv självrepresentation och kreativitet. 

/ ⁣

Tune in for some poetry curated by Dream siblings (in Swedish). 

Dream siblings is a zine by and for trans people of all genders and non-genders, our own histories and experiences and a platform for collective self representation and creativity.


15:00-16:00 /16:00-17:00 Poetry open mic (ENG/SWE)

Bring your poetry and creativeness to this open mic session hosted by Yolanda Aurora Bohm Ramirez and Paloma Halén Román.


18:00-19:00 /19:00-20:00 Film screening (ENG)

Get your popcorn ready and join us for an evening of film screenings! Films include:

TERROR, SISTERS! (Alexis Langlois, 28 min, 2019, France)

DES!RE (Campbell X, 10 min, 2017, UK)

La Pureza (Pedro Vikingo, 6 min, 2018, Spain)

Home (Charlie Peck, 4 mins, 2017, Sweden)


On the second and last day of the Trans culture weekend pop-up we will gather for a Drag and dress-up brunch followed by a block on Trans history. 

Do not forget that the clocks change between Saturday and Sunday – spring forward!

11:00-12:30/12:00-13:30 Drag and dress-up brunch (ENG)

Join us for Drag and dress-up Brunch, featuring your genderless Drag Amphibian host, Frogb0i, and enjoy the diversity and brilliance of Trans performers who play with Drag, live performance and film!

Content from:
Frogb0i, Eden Lost, Yvy De Luca, Tito Bone,
HP Lovecraft, LX Electric, Dorian Wilde,
Ebony Rose Dark, Storm Dunder & O.K Cupid

Frogb0i is a genderless cryptid with many faces, born into a post-apocalyptic world. @frogb0i Drag up or dress up or come as you are.

If you’re on a low income and would appreciate funds to help with getting some nice food, get in touch.

14:00-14:45/15:00-15:45 Trans history block (ENG)

My Genderation short film with a tour of the Museum of Transology

Sam Hultin will present their work Eva-Lisa’s Monument which highlights the Swedish Trans pioneer Eva-Lisa Bengtson (1932-2018). The presentation will be followed by a Q&A led by Levi Appleton.Sam Hultin (b. 1982) is an artist working with performance, text and video based on their interest in queer history, identity and community.

Their work, which is often community based and site specific, explore connections between personal experiences and larger political and social structures.

Photo of Frogb0i by Frogb0i
Photo of Sam by Lisa Nordlund
Photo of Eva-Lisa from Eva-Lisas archive, unknown photographer.


The main language for the event is English, we’ll have Swedish speakers at the events to help with translation if needed

Text-to-screen subtitling (ENG) will be available for the following sessions:

Saturday March 27th:

11:00 (UK) / 12:00 (CET) Movement workshop (ENG)

12:00 (UK) / 13:00 (CET) Tarot workshop (ENG)

Sunday March 28th:

11:00 (UK) / 12:00 (CET) Drag and dress-up brunch (ENG)

14:00 (UK) / 15:00 (CET) Trans history block (ENG)

If you’re on a low income and would appreciate funds to help with getting some nice brunch food, get in touch!

Please let us know of any other access needs you may have by emailing us at

Zoom etiquette and security

-All guests will be muted on entry and only registered guests will be able to enter.
-Please feel free to turn your camera on or off as you wish. Please use the same name as you did at registration, or you may not be able to enter. This is to prevent “zoom-bombing”.
-This is a space by and for our community. Any displays of racism, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, sexism, ablism or other bigoted stance will not be tolerated and will result in being immediately removed from the room. This encompasses both video and the chat.

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