Full program for Trans Culture Festival 2021

We are excited to release the program for our Trans Culture Festival on November 20th-21st!

Thank you to all workshop-leaders, performers, artists and volunteers that will participate and make this event possible ❤

We can’t wait! 🏳️‍⚧

Full program can be found here: https://transfeststockholm.org/trans-culture-festival/trans-culture-festival-2021-programme/

Facebook-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/216372390388297/

Video description:
Upbeat music plays throughout the video. Frame 1: large Trans flag waving in the wind. Frame 2: Trans Fest Stockholm logo appears against a black background. In the next two frames, white text appears against a background of moving colors (pink and blue). Frame 3: says “Program announcement”. Frame 4: says “Stockholm 20-21 Nov”. Frame 5: a video clip of the Stockholm skyline and water. In the next fifteen frames, white text appears against a background of moving colors (pink and blue). Frame 6: says “Online and Live Program”. Frame 7: says “Live Venue, Höjden House, Östbergatorget 21, 12573 Älvsjö”. Frame 8-11: shows an overview of the schedule for the event, both online and at Höjden (see https://transfeststockholm.org/trans-culture-festival/trans-culture-festival-2021-programme/ for full schedule). Frame 12: says “TFS Partner”. Frame 13: shows the logo of Trans Radio UK against a black background. Frame 14-16: say: “Thanks to our supporters”, “ABF Stockholm”, “RFSL”. Frame 17-19: says “Follow us”, “Facebook and Instagram”, “@transfeststockholm“. Frame 20: says “We aspire to create a positive, inclusive and empowering space. Alcohol free. Children welcome. Food available.” Frame 21: says “See you soon! November 20-21, 2021” and displays the Trans Fest Stockholm logo and our homepage (transfeststockholm.org). Frame 22: says “Produced by Samantha Jane Smith. All video and music licensed by Envato Elements. Video editing software WeVideo”