Schedule SATURDAY Nov 20th DAYTIME

We are excited to start presenting the festival schedule in more detail! First up is the sessions (online and at Höjden) during daytime Saturday Nov 20th.

You need to register to attend. Click on the following link and follow the two easy steps:
Registration for the event gives you a weekend pass and you are then free to attend whichever sessions you want both in venue and online. You can register at any time before or during the weekend. It helps us to plan if you pre-register.


Online room opens at 10:30 – join us for music and introduction to the festival before the fist workshop starts at 11:00.

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Saturday Nov 20th 11:00-11:45 
Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin (Workshop, ENG)

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11:00-11:45 (online) Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin (workshop, ENG, with live-captioning)
An easy, playful session using body language and acting games, for people of any age, physical condition, or experience to come and PLAY.
Meet your body, yourself, and other people’s bodies in new ways. Let go of who you believe yourself to be, and move closer to who you really are.
With: Kay Bradshaw (she/her) – actor, director, drama teacher and acting coach.

11:30 (in venue) Doors open
DOORS OPEN come and have a coffee and hang out before the first workshops in the venue start.
Vi öppnar vid 11:30, kom och ta en fika och umgås en kort stund innan första programpunkten i lokalen drar igång!

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Saturday Nov 20th 12:00-13:30 
At Höjden 
Queering Circuits (Bending) 1.1 (workshop, ENG)

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12:00-13:30 (in venue) Queer(y)ing Circuits (Bending) 1.1 (workshop, ENG)

IMPORTANT: registration is required for this workshop!
-Go to the Facebook event:
-Find Gerald’s post about signing up.
-Put your name and email in a comment on this post.
-If you do not have Facebook, send a message to

CIRCUIT BENDING is the technical manipulation of low voltage devices to create musical instruments or experimental sound generators. With free style and random bases. NOISE makers!
The technique consists of connecting and modifying various electronic components in a device to remount them to sound experiments. The term Circuit Bending was coined by Reed Ghazala in the 60s, one of the pioneers of this technology. Sure there were more who did the same, but not named ….
The workshop consists of a shorter theoretical review of what Circuit Bending is and the materials needed and a practical exercise.

With: Gerald, DJ and producer Dgeral (they/them)

DGERAL (Caracas/Stockholm)Dgeral is a Dj from Caracas (Venezuela), where they were one of the first queer feminist DJs / producers who worked on the scene since 2001. In 2004 Dgeral moved to Europe and became part of the female:pressure organization.Dgeral has been based in Stockholm since 2014, keeping busy producing, Djing from Leftfield house/techno hybrid to classics touching the darker side of New Beat & Italo Disco. Dgeral is crazy/obsessed with circuit bending and curating clubs under the name of BoiBoiClub, MINITEKA and since summer 2019 a member of SWEAT Collective that was established in 2015 with the goal to create safer dancefloors for lgbtqi ravers and promote queer, trans and non-binary DJ’s and artists in the club scene in Scandinavia. Dgeral’s style is unique and eclectic.Instagram: @dgeral_official ✮ ✮

The workshop is arranged in collaboration with the queer sound archive The Archive of Pink Noises:

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Saturday Nov 20th 13:45-14:45 
Finding/Misplacing Your Voice (workshop, ENG)

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13:45-14:45 (online) Finding/Misplacing Your Voice (workshop, ENG, with live-captioning)
In this session, composer Rufus Isabel Elliot (it/its) and director Livi Dunlop (they/them) will lead us to explore our voices. We will particularly focus on our own speaking voices – what do they feel like, physically and emotionally, as well as what they sound like – and use this as a jumping-off point for creative, vocal responses.
No previous musical or theatrical experience necessary!
With: Rufus Isabel Elliot (it/its) – composer & Livi Dunlop (they/them) – director

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Saturday Nov 20th 15:00-16:00 
At Höjden
Film-screening: THESE THEMS (mini-series, ENG)

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15:00-16:00 (in venue) Film-screening: THESE THEMS (ENG, with subtitles)
Screening of 5 episodes of the Queer comedy series These Thems (2019, US):
A newly out lesbian making up for lost time. A nonbinary educator learning to train the straights. A transman navigating life in the corporate world. A gay guy looking for love and messing it up. 4 queer friends. Set in NYC.

Questions? Email us at:

Event organized with support from Stockholm stad, RFSL and ABF Stockholm

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