Film-screening at Konsthall C

The background picture is a blurry mountain under blue skies. Black text at the top of the image reads: "We all deserve to be remembered". Under it is text in neon (blue, white, pink) that reads: "A film program presented by TRANS FEST STOCKHOLM, featuring: Zafira Vrba Woodski Jon Ely Xiuming Charlie Peck. At Konsthall C, Saturday May 14th". In the bottom right corner there is the logo of Trans Fest Stockholm.

This Saturday there is a fundraiser at Konsthall C for Casa Charma, a trans organization from São Paulo, Brazil. The event is organized by Konsthall C & All Set For Solidarity. More info in their event:

Trans Fest Stockholm is providing a short film program to the event featuring:

Zafira Vrba Woodski

Zafira Vrba Woodski is a Swedish-Czech artist, educator, curator and trans activist based in Stockholm. For the past 20 years, Zafira has been devoted to depicting queer lives and experiences. Death is my pronoun is part of a larger body of work called State of Trans. @zafireruby 

Jon Ely Xiuming

Jon Ely Xiuming is a poet, third culture queer and multi-media artist who works conceptually around text, film, photography, and queer bodies and interactions. They are a part of the trans zine Dream siblings (Drömsyskon) and the art and club collective fake daughter in Stockholm. For the moment they also work with Rest And Resist in Malmö. This video is a poetic letter from a non-binary trans person of colour, as a reply when getting the first letter from the gender clinic.

Charlie Peck

Charlie Peck about the song: “The video is a true “once in a lifetime” experience. I am singing a duet with myself where one voice recorded their first day on testosterone treatment (16th of May 2016) and the second voice 9 months later (16th of February 2017). The song is a tribute to the trans* community, but also to myself. It is a reminder that things actually do get better.”