Thank You

It’s with an endless amount of gratitude and love that we say THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to all who participated at the events, bought a t-shirt, danced, donated money, performed, spoke on the panel, talked to someone you hadn’t talked to before, DJ’d, hugged a volunteer and (of course) watched the films, for being part of making this Trans* Film Fest Stockholm 2016 into such an amazing weekend!!

A special thanks to Biocafé Tellus, Bio Rio, Melodybox and FEMTOPIA for hosting us and Kulturstöd Stockholms stad, RFSU Stockholm, RFSL, RFSL Stockholm, RFSL Ungdom and ABF Stockholm for your support. A big thank you also to Adrian at Majority Design och Kommunikation for the absolutely fantastic poster & t-shirt design!

This would not have been possible without all of our lovely hardworking volunteers: Åse, Jojo, Andy, Love, Noah, Kasia, Elmer, Anthony, Iwo, Kevin, Agneta, Sebastian, Ulrika and Alex (sending a special thanks to Catalyst) – you’re the best!! And for anyone who wants to join our happy crew of volunteers for future events – please contact us here or on!

See you again soon!

In solidarity and power,
The TFFS Crew

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